About Us

Psatek Inc, named and trademarked from Saturated Output Power "Psat" + Tek, designs, manufactures and markets microwave & millimeter wave products worldwide. We supply both active and passive components in a wide frequency range from DC to 145GHz all over the world. We provide a series of standard products to meet the needs of most customers. Meanwhile we collaborate with customers to design Special/Custom devices to meet their system requirements.

Psatek Inc's mission is to provide the most reliable products and cost-efficient solutions to meet your needs, through controlled processes based on the ISO 9001-2015 standard. The company is equipped with 67GHz vector network analyzers, signal sources, spectrum analyzers, power meters, oscilloscopes, welding platforms, resistance and voltage withstand test instruments, high and low temperature test systems and other research and development, production and latest test equipments. Psatek Inc.'s technical staffs are experienced RF/Microwave Design Engineers, who have a combination of many years of designing experience and extensive knowledge of manufacturing RF/Microwave devices.

For the last years, we have been supplying wireless communications, IoT, commercial and laboratory test & measurement programs. Whatever your application, Psatek Inc. will help you make the difference for your customers.

Our values:


It is Psatek Inc's policy to achieve a Zero Default standard in all operations of the company. Our goal is to provide a product without defects and on time, which is supported by all our staff through ISO9001-2015 and by the latest quality standards.


We strive to support our customers with optimal product definition, best responsiveness to any inquiries and fast product delivery. Our team is at your disposal for maximum support.

Custom Product

When a standard solution is not available, we support our customers with a customized solution according to the latest quality requirements.

Send all your inquiries to sales@psatek.com for a quick response. Thank you!


+86 17882494562